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I was hoping to get lots of pictures taken today, but while driving along the highway my bike just died.. sniff.. well what actually happened was the belt that moves the wheels got chewed to bits when it moved out of its slot.. so now the bike is parked until Monday when my mechanic opens.. not good..but, the sun is shining, so how bad can it be.. Before all this happened, I did manage to snap a couple of shots and here they are.

This is one of the many shrines to our patron saint, the Virgin Rosario. She is located at the top of Calle Rosario, which is just a fancy Spanish way of saying the top of Rosario Street. As you can see, she is well tended to by the locals who keep candles burning, and flowers always on the mantle.

This next shot was taken on one of the balconies of one of the houses that I maintain here in the town.

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