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Another great photo from Mike at Salobrena Holidays.  Isn’t this a beauty.


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I want your opinion.

I look after rental properties, and I am always interested in peoples take on things, especially those of you traveling to the area and staying in one of the many properties I look after. With that in mind, tell me what you think.  On another note, I am going away for a few days, so will not be updating this until after the 22nd.  Cheers M

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Here in Salobreña, religious icons can be found in many places. One of the largest shown here in the photo, can be found on the Passeo de Flores, which is a garden plaza/look out point just below the castle in the old town. This being Easter, I thought I would show her off.

Virgin in the Rock

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You gotta love purple.Margaritaville

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One of the most amazing things about Salobreña in my opinion, is that, when you walk down the street, a lot of the houses look ordinary and for the most part very similar. However, if you can get a look at what is behind some of these walls, you will be amazed.

The first 2 photos are taken from the roof terrace of one of the houses I look after, I am peeking into the garden of the house next door.  These people have cleverly bought the empty lot next door and made it their garden. Or it could have been the old animal corral from when the previous owners kept animals next to the house.. This was a very common practice not long ago discontinued.  I know of at least three places in town where people still keep chickens.  It is a delightful sound at 6am to hear the cockerel crow off in the distance.  Anyway, as you can see in the first two photos, they have created an oasis in the old town..Where you see the blue tile, is where they have bought new tiles and broken them up and laid them to make up a beautiful floor in their garden next to the bbq and bar area.  I may go ask the owners if I can get in and take some photos of their garden up close.

The following photo is an internal terrace of one of the houses I actually look after.. this is a beautiful house that rents out up in the old town.. it is a gorgeous 2 bedroom property with 3 terraces, one being this internal corral terrace with dipping pool. To see more photos, you can click on the link in my blogroll for rent costa tropical. The name of the house is Casa Mediterranea and it is more beautiful in person than in the photos!

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This is a view from one of my rental apartments overlooking the 10th hole at Los Moriscos Golf course at the beach in Motril.  The green fees are reasonable.. 40euros for an individual, and 70 for a couple. Children 15euros.  After 4pm the prices drop to almost half, which is great, becuase in the summer months, the sun does not set until after 9pm!

For more information you can go to this link www.moriscosgolf.com/

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This is a great snap, because it shows that, where there is a will, there is a way.  This is a chimney from a restaurant grill. Believe me, you can’t really do this.

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After the storm

On the beach This is a picture looking toward the peñon here in Salobreña this morning at 0900.  As you can see, not too much flotsam has shown up so far but there is still a lot floating just off shore. It has been interesting, because it comes and goes throughout the day. No more flotsam pics I think.  Tomorrow, the Castle.

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