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Another great photo to make me home sick.. Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals Spain is keeping me afloat with lots of great photos, which I have been posting regularly.. A big Thank You to Heloise for this!  For anyone that has spent anytime in Spain, this will be a very familiar and welcome sight.


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If this doesn’t make you want to jump on a plane and come right down for something to eat, nothing will.  This is another great shot sent in by Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals, you can see her in my blog roll there to the right..

This was taken at a restaurant called Roberto’s over in the Golf area in Motril.. I have eaten there several times, and the food is always excellent, and the prices are very reasonable.  You will never have a bad meal at this place.


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Well I have to say, yesterday five of us went out for lunch at a new restaurant in Playa Granada, which is located in the golf region. As a matter of fact, this restaurant is directly across from the clubhouse.  What a meal, absolutely 5 star.  It was one of the best meals I have had in a restaurant since arriving here 8 years ago.

Our choices were simple, but boy oh boy were they good.  Two of us had pizza, two had caneloni, and one had carpaccio. There are a ton of interesting things on the menu, steak, 3 or 4 different types of carpaccio, pastas, salads, and lots more.  Forgive me for not noticing everything, but I am hopeless with a menu, I go into a trance when I read them, hence I take nothing in.  I normally just ask the others, “what are you having, oh that sounds good I will have that too”. So my choice was a simple pizza, tomato sauce, cheese and onion, on which I drizzled picante olive oil. I felt just like Homer Simpson must feel when he gets a big ol’ pork chop in his mouth.. allgggggggahhh. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Everyone said their meals were good as well, N&J they gave their caneloni and 8. And A, who had the carpaccio with porcini mushrooms and sauted artichoke said hers was definitely very good, couldn’t get a number out of her though.  H loved her pizza but went crazy when ordering and had too many toppings rendering it very rich.  We all had drinks, large glasses of wine or beer not just one either and coffees at the end.  Total for the meal 102 euros for 5 people before tip.  Very reasonable, and I will definitely go back.

Where were we??? ROBERTO’S Playa Granada just a 10 minute drive down the road.  If you are coming to the area you have to try this place out. The décor is beautiful, service is excellent and the rest rooms spotless. Very Nuevo. They have indoor and outdoor dining, and a hopping bar area.  You just got to try it.

One last thing, they brought a tapa of delicious olives to eat while waiting for our foods, plus garlic toasties. Make note, they charge for the garlic toasties.

A few snaps.

The menu

The menu

My delicious pizza

My delicious pizza

N's Caneloni

N's caneloni and white wine

the big J in disguise

the big J in disguise

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Another restaurant advisory. The Tucan Restaurant: located on the beach

What we had:

2 beers each- total 4

1 order of onion rings (shared) 1.50€

1 order of chili con carne-comes with basmati rice, salad, coleslaw and tortilla chips 7.95€

1 full order of the ribs- comes with salad, coleslaw and chips. 11.95€

We were also served a tapa of 2 mussels with olives with our first beer while waiting for our food.

Total bill- 26.50 euros.

What did we think?

The decor was very pretty, they have obviously spent a fair amount of money decorating, and the food was pretty good. The owner was friendly and very accommodating.

Would I go back?

Definitely, I would like to go when the place is hopping when the atmosphere is a bit more anonymous. We were there early in the day, so it had yet to fill up. I like to get lost in a restaurant.

The real test of any restaurant in Salobrena, is it’s survival over the winter months, after the last of the tourist have packed up their tooth brushes, and wrapped up their sparkly dolphins stuck to conch shells and hit the road. Will the locals still frequent? I would say yes they will.

If I am not mistaken, I believe it is buy one get one free on the drinks.. how bad can they be? Did I mention that they have a children’s menu too?

To view the whole menu, you can go here http://www.tucansalobrena.com/menu.pdf

Here are a couple snaps.

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We had beers at another great little out of the way place recently. This one is located on the road leading out of Motril past the fair grounds and bull ring. Just continue on past the cut off for Puntalon for about 3 minutes, and you will see it on your left hand side. You will find yourself in a kind of industrial park.. but instead of industry most of the businesses are fruit and veg packing plants. It does a fantastic trade, the food is excellent, the tapas fantastic. They cook all of their steaks and pork in a wood oven..It’s to die for.

One of the best and most novel things about this place, is that each set of tables has it’s own beer pump. You pour your own.. The pumps are metered, and you can keep an eye on your consumption on the big board on the wall, it tallies by the litre. The cost is 5 euros per liter, and they deliver tapas regularly. I will confirm the name, but I think thru my beer induced haze it was called Candinicas… Again, I will confirm and get the name of the road too.. The picture below is of the main bar area. Thanks to H at RentCostaTropical for the pic.

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internal terrace

Back on track.  For those of you that are planning a visit to the area, I thought I would highlight some more of the local restaurants within easy driving distance of Salobreña.  This restaurant is about 20 minutes up the Granada road going toward Granada on the right hand side of the road.  It is located just over the bridge, just before the huge dam that has just been completed.  It is a family run spot, the prices are very resonable, and the food and tapas are great!  You can’t miss it, and I know I should have the name of the place and I will get it, but it is the only place there so you can’t miss it. Anyway.. this is a photo of the internal/external dining terrace.  I will make it my goal to get the name of this place.  We just call it that dam restaurant.

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Sunday on the beach

This is the Sunday scene on the beach here in Salobrena.. Everyone goes to the beach on Sunday for lunch starting around 2pm.  It is a long drawn relaxed affair, and the food at most of the places on the beach is excellent and good value for your money.

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La Cumbre is a local Restaurant with several large Banquet halls on the premises that can cater to small intimate affairs, or huge weddings and Christenings. The place is located up behind Salobrena in the countryside out near Molvizar.

My overall opinion of the place was eh.. I can take it or leave it.   For 4 people lunch came to 87 euros, and our lunch consisted of 1 main course each, 1 large salad to share, 4 beers 3 coffees and a bottle of El Coto red. Two of us had rabbit and the others had suckling pig.

The service was very good, the staff very friendly, and they even give the traditional complimentary chupito after the meal. In this case it was honey rum from the Canary Islands. They also gave us pate and toast with our beer while we sat and chatted prior to the meal.

Those of us dining on rabbit each received a full-half of one rabbit, (as seen in the photo), while the others received about 1/4 of a pig. In each case it was more meat than any of us could eat. Both the pork and rabbit were accompanied by not so warm potatoes and the green beans.

I am completely willing to entertain the idea that the kitchen was just having an off day, and I will probably go back again, the fact that it is so very popular with the Spanish means something.  I might even just go back and hang out in the bar downstairs and snack on tapas and sip cold beer in the afternoon sun.  The location is great, and it definitely has a very nice feel to the place. For me, if the staff is friendly I will generally go back to a place. So I will keep you posted..

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