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My first instinct is to tell you not to bother, however the drive is pleasant and the scenery spectacular.  La Vinuela, or little vineyard as it translates  is located about 20 minutes from the coast  and just an hour from Salobreña.    Below the town is Lake Vinuela, a man made reservoir produced by the flooding of the Rio Guaro river valley.   This is olive growing country.

As I stood on the shores of the reservoir, I could not shake the notion that the lake actually looked man made.  The trees seemed stunted, and nothing about it was lush or overgrown and although pretty,  it did look contrived.  We also had a tremendous amount of trouble finding the access to the waters edge as well.  We drove all over the place trying to find an access road, there are no signs of any kind and what we did eventually find after asking a local, was a fairly large picnic area with built in bbq’s and tables with seating.

The only other access that we found was the campground located next to Restaurant Pantano,  but alas it was closed.   The restaurant itself offers a lovely view of the the lake from it’s terrace.

Please note, there is major construction going on just below the restaurant at the moment.

View from the terrace at Restaurant Pantano

At the picnic area.

Lake Vinuela

Just north of the lake

The village of Periana

The A356 nice and quiet


You can't beat the view.

Every colour under the sun.

Old homestead

The view from Casabermeja

The town of Casabermeja

Out the window.

The Osborne Bull


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