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A few years ago there was some kind of incident on the beach involving horses, their riders and alcohol.  Following that the town hall decided to banish the horses from the mix.  They were given their own area away from the crowds and they were not allowed back for about 3 years.  Because of this, each year fewer and fewer riders bothered to bring their horses down and it really did have a profound affect on the overall atmosphere of the Romeria.  It’s a  different Romeria without horses.    After much pleading and promises, deals were made and the horses were allowed back into the mix.  I for one am happy, life has been brought back to the party.

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It is that time of year again.  The Romeria or Pilgrimage that honors our Patron Saint Rosaria will take place this Sunday commencing at 11am.  For those already here, a program can be obtained from the tourist office, or a digital copy may be downloaded from the Tourism Salobreña Facebook page.

It is a large booklet, lots of information and photos.  The pertinent information regarding times and activities starts about about page 58, so keep scrolling if you have downloaded the pdf file.


The day will be loaded with traditional costumes, decorated wagons, horses doing dressage, lots of food and music.  Don’t miss the biggest party on the coast.  If you wish to see photos from previous years, check out the archives for Oct for any of the previous 7 years.


This photo was takin in 2009.

This photo was takin in 2009.

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