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Well another Romería has come and gone, and what a great day it was.  It was a little different this year in that it was held on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday, and because of this  it had a slow start, but by later in the day it was in full swing.

Another change to the Romería the last 3 years has been the absence of horses on the beach.  Because of safety issues with the crowds, the horses are now only permitted in the fair grounds in behind La Bahia.  My preference  would be to see them brought back into the thick of things again, it’s just not the same atmosphere without them.  I spoke to many people about this, and they all said the same thing. Come on Mr Mayor we want our horses back!

If you have never been here for the Romería,  it really is a great weekend. Lots going on, and the colors are spectacular. For more photos you can check out the Facebook page Hecho en Salobreña.  Locals post their photos on there.  I have so many photos, that I will be doing multiple posts for this event




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Well the big weekend is finally upon us, and no one could be happier than I.  This is the Fiesta in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, and if you like taking pictures, then this is the place to be this weekend.

Scene from Romeria 2009

Tonight (Friday) the band Melocos performs  in the Paseo de Flores.  Tickets are 10 euros in advance and 12 at the door.  It’s going to be a late one, as the doors don’t open until 22:30.  You can obtain tickets at the Casa de Cultura, the Tourist Office or Bar Sunem Playa.

Here is a little of what you will be hearing. Good luck on getting any sleep Helen!

Saturday at 11am the Romeria procession leaves the Plaza de San Juan at 11am and heads down to the beach.  This is a procession of several hundred people in traditional costume, accompanying many many decorated wagons, and people in full costume on horseback. You won’t believe the color!

The wagons will be on the beach all day, so don’t worry if you can’t be there  until later.  To see all of the action, you are best to head down to the beach at about 11:30 and get a spot by the side of the road. Everyone will have arrived by 12:00 when a mass is said for our Patron Saint the Virgen del Rosario.
Once the mass has been said, the party will begin.  Just spend the day walking around and enjoying the many temporary tapas bars set up along the beach and enjoy a cold one.

At 17:30 we have Canción Epañola with Maria Porcel who will be accompanied by her School of  Dance

At 19:30 is the presentation for best decorated wagons. Prizes are 800 euros for first, 500 for second and 300 for third

At 20:00 There will be fireworks and the Virgin Rosario will be escorted back to her Chapel.

At 21:30 We have live music with Raices Gemelas and the band Euforia
For the horse enthusiasts out there, the Fair Grounds just behind the park will see activities all day.

16:00 Carrera de Cintas a Caballo:  This is great fun, riders on horseback run full speed with stick in hand and try to capture a ribbon blowing in the wind.

17:00  You will see a freestyle dressage competition, this is lots of fun and quite impressive.  There is lots lots more going on, so be sure to pick up your free copy of the Virgen del Rosario 2012 schedule at the Tourist Office located in Plaza Goya just south of the Restaurante Bodega.


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Beautiful Boy

Luis, owner of El Caraqueño Bakery


And action!

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