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Romeria 2014 is now just a fond memory.  The weather was fantastic and everyone had a great time.  Up first, the kids.

29sep 2014 d3100 018

29sep 2014 d3100 151

29sep 2014 d3100 164

29sep 2014 d3100 169

29sep 2014 d3100 171

29sep 2014 d3100 174

29sep 2014 d3100 180

29sep 2014 d3100 179


29sep 2014 d3100 202b

29sep 2014 d3100 210

29sep 2014 d3100 221b

29sep 2014 d3100 246

29sep 2014 d3100 260

29sep 2014 d3100 262

29sep 2014 d3100 472

29sep 2014 d3100 477

29sep 2014 d3100 480

29sep 2014 d3100 483

29sep 2014 d3100 512

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Good Day all.. as the caption reads, it is indeed raining.  We did have a beautiful 4 or 5 days though when the weather was positively glorious..so Spring/Summer is trying to make its arrival here. Time for spring cleaning and early planting.. The garden centers are all ready to go as you can see in the photos from my last entry.

Well we are having a typical spring here.. lots of rain broken up by glorious days of hot sunshine.. Great weather for planting, and that is just what I have been doing.. I will post pictures when it looks like something other than a nuclear test site.

Here are a couple of sunny photos to whet your whistle and get you thinking of those hot still sunny Spanish afternoons.  The sun is blazing, the air is dry and there isn’t even a wisp of a wind.  Red planet hot,  with impossible blue cloudless skies. And as I finish preparing this post, the sun has indeed come out.

Blue skies

Some people even break into song and dance without the least provocation.

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For those of you planning a trip to this area in the very near future, I want to suggest that you keep in mind the date of October 6.  This is the day of our annual Rosaria Romeria.  This really is a great day here in Salobreña. There is live music, flamenco dancing, giant paellas, horse dressage displays, hundreds of people dressed in traditional costume, fireworks, you name it.  Traditionally the statue of the Virgin Rosaria is escorted by men on horse back and pulled by 2 beautiful oxen down to the beach where a blessing and prayer are read, then she is pulled the entire length of the beach down to where the dressage competition is held and where you will also find make shift street bars, and the giant paella.  The disco at the end of the beach is also opened up for the day.  You want loud music and hot and sweaty, this is the place to be.  If this sounds like a good day to you, then by all means come and join us for the fun.. Remember, it’s October the 6th.

Here are a couple of pics from last year.  All of these pics have  been previously displayed on this blog.

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The parent trap






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Romeria 2007


Baby’s first Romeria October 2006


Baby’s second Romeria October 2007


Escorting the virgin to the beach.


Our Virgin Rosario


Mother and daughter in full regalia.posers.jpg

Beautiful Posers.




The masses.


Walking along behind the virgin.


Girls in costume enjoy the ride to the beach in a flower covered wagons.


Community spirit.


Everyone gets in on the fun.

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Yesterday was our annual Romeria dedicated to our Patron Saint Rosario. This fiesta involves the virgin Rosario taken to the beach via oxen and locals dressed in full costume. There are drassage competions, wagon competions and lots and lots of fire crackers, music, horses, food, and beer.. all in all, a fun time was had by all.

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