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I took a stroll in the old town over the weekend, and took a few photos on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Church bell tower

House for sale just below the castle.

Looking northeast, that is the cemetery at the top

Looking down Calle Rosa

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This past  Sunday I took  a stroll around up  in the old town and visited not only the castle but the Church of El Rosario.   My confession is that I had never until now stepped foot inside the door.   I have to  say  I was pleasantly surprised and I learned some interesting facts about the church itself.

The church is built in the Mudéjar style.   Mudéjar is the name given to individual Moors or Muslims of  Al-Andalus who remained in Christian territory after the reconquest by the Christians but were not converted to Christianity.  It also denotes a style of Iberian architecture and decoration, particularly of  Aragon  and Castile, of  the 12th to 16th centuries, strongly influenced by Moorish taste and craftsmanship.

The church was built on the site of a Muslim mosque in the 16th century.  The original roof and interior were destroyed by fire in 1821, and subsequently rebuilt. The first Christian church in this spot appeared in the year 305,  however this church was conquered and converted to a Muslim mosque in the year 718.  Seven hundred and sixty six years later in 1489, a reconquest by the Christians that year saw the reconversion of the mosque back into a Christian church.   In 1989, it celebrated it 5th  Centenary, that makes our beloved church 522 years old this year.

One more interesting fact, is that the present day church square was used as a cemetery up until 1789.

Here are a few snaps. The religious statues seen in the photos are the same statues that are carried through the town during the Semana Santa processions.

The main altar

Above the altar

John the Baptist

I liked the golden cross created by the sunlight.

Taken from the altar looking down the center aisle.

Side Entrance

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