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Tuesday of this week I hopped a bus and headed off to Málaga to see the Picasso Museum.  What a great day and so easy by bus, no need to drive.  We caught the 09:40  bus from Salobreña and arrived 2 hours later in down town Málaga.  If you are going to the museum, it is best to get off at the Málaga Port stop.  Getting off here lands you square in the historic old town of Málaga, which in my opinion is the best part of Málaga.

The streets are beautiful and so colorful, a pleasure to walk through.   Entrance to the museum is just 6 euros for the permanent exhibition, however you can buy a combo ticket that will give you access to not only the Picasso works, but the temporary exhibits in house at the time that you visit.  Well worth the extra 2 or 3 euros.

The museum itself is a lovely building, with an excellent gift shop and a cafe located in the internal terrace away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.  Very pleasant indeed.  Two coffees will set you back 4.50 euros.  Upon entering the museum, you must check all bags, which they x-ray first.  Taking photos inside the galleries is NOT permitted, but all other areas are okay.  Security is tight so don’t even try.

After leaving the museum we had a lovely leisurely lunch at the Restaurante  Cosmopolita  http://www.spanish-menu.com/setlang.php?langstate=UK&UG_hodnota_id=44&sn=5  You can check the link.  The food was very good and I highly recommend the white chocolate mousse and caramel apple desert. TO DIE FOR.  Needless to say the diet went out the window.  Lunch was 45 euros, we had in total, 5 beers, oxtail soup for 2 ( 14.00 euros) bread, coffee and dessert.

After lunch, we slowly made our way through the town to catch the 17:30 bus back to Salobreña.  Cost of a bus ticket, is 7.21 euros each way per person.  Now that I know where the historic area is, I am sure I will be going back in the very near future!  I took so many photos, that I have had to mount them as thumbnails, just click the photo to enlarge.  Enjoy!



Picasso Museum photos.


This is Bodega Las Garrafas, a restaurant that has been in this location for more than 50 years, it has a good inexpensive menu, and a very nice ambiance.  I am just sorry I did not take more photos.








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Well I am still with Vélez as my topic, because to be honest it was just so enjoyable, I gotta spread the love!  So after we finished our 1.5 hour tour of the Nazarí Gardens, we enjoyed a coffee at the cafe there, we headed for the hills to enjoy a an absolutely stellar day, weather wise and view wise.

Our leader Frank decided we should follow the acequia (water canals) through the town and out the other side, it was a great idea.  Here are some of the photos that I took while walking.  This day trip from Salobreña is so easy, you must consider it!



Remember to always look up.

The acequia, seen at the bottom of the old wall, carries water throughout the town.

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin.

Innovative lamp shades along the acequia . Plain old metal buckets. Cute!

Chorisia Speciosa

Just around a corner

Local man greeting us with some kind words and some useful information.

Our new friend drinking right from the pool of corraled water.

Big old orange tree.

Big old olive tree, still producing, the Arabs thought of everything.

Almond blossoms, unmodified photo. Look at that colour!

This car actually came down that stone pathway.

Beautiful old terraced olive orchards.

We met later for a drink.

If the water doesn't come to you.

Fixer up'r

Giant Carob tree, the nuts are used for animal feed here.

The details aren't always important.

The calvary

Where we stopped for lunch


Close encounters of the goat kind

Ahhhh water.

And just as quickly, they were gone.

Heading back

Communal Laundry station. On your knees ladies.


Out the window, the drive back to Salobreña

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Happy New Year all, I am sorry for starting so late, but a major electrical  storm on the 22nd of December did major damage to computers all over town, our personal  internet was only just restored on the 8th of January. Ugh!

Welcome to 2011, here we go!

On the 21st of December my good friend Diana and I took a day trip up to the Alpujarras for some fabulous site seeing, it was a beautiful day and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks Di!

We visited Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira, three of the prettiest little mountain villages  in the area, to get there, just head up the Granada road and follow the signs for Orjiva and then follow the signs North East then the sign for the 3 villages, very easy to get to.  Enjoy.

In the town of Pampaneira, I am guessing that that is a beautiful climbing wisteria.

The handmade rugs of Pampaneira

Pampineira, you can tell they got a lot of rain and run off by run off canal down the center of the street.

Christmastime in Pampaneira

Bubión from a distance

Looking down on Bubion


Small street in Bubión, check out the ceilings of the under passes.

Typical chimney style special to this area.

A closer look

Someones front step.

Around every corner something interesting to see.


Wall Gardens

Peppers, Chorizo, Blood Sausage and Laundry...I like it!


Ceiling in the bar where we stopped for coffee on the way up.

Fresh mountain stream north of Capileira

Roadside lookout

Road to nowhere.


Old stone wall

Old communal laundry station with diverted fresh mountain water.

I took over 300 photos on this short day trip, so many more to show you, but enough for today. 🙂

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