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This is just a reminder, that this coming Saturday at the Auditorium in Salobreña there will be a live Flamenco performance by David de Jacoba, with Carlos de Jacoba on guitar and Lucky Losado on percussion.

Tickets are 12 euros only and the show starts at 21:30.  Get there early to ensure you get a seat!!

Here is a short video that I found on Youtube, to give you an idea what you will be seeing.

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Good news, not only is the wisteria in full blooming glory at the moment, but the Huelva Strawberries have arrived in the market place en mass.  Richly coloured and delicious, the strawberries from our western provinces have arrived and the price is right!

Upon seeing them  I decided to make jam on the spot, so strawberry jam is the job for today.  The two boxes in the photo cost me 6 euros, in each box there are about  2.5 kilos of the most luscious but firm fruit.  I will keep you posted on the success or fail of the whole thing.. It’s touch and go at best!

Next to report for all you shoppers out there, Saturday the 2nd of April our monthly Carboot sale is back in it’s usual place at the Parque Infantil across from the duck park as I call it.  The whole thing kicks off about 9am so come on down and have a mooch around.

Now for the exciting news, Restaurant/Bar El Postigo up in the old town, are holding a live Flamenco Music and Dinner evening Sunday Night cost is 20 euros per person and includes 1 bottle red wine, a several coursed meal, plus live Flamenco.  You  cannot beat the price.  Some of you may remember El Postigo when it was called Betty Blue.  It’s a cute little restaurant with glorious views, 2 small terraces and a cozy intimate dining room.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear live Flamenco music.  The owner tells me that if it is a success, it will likely occur again.

The evening kicks off at 8pm and calling to reserve might not be a bad idea.  For Spanish you can call 645 680 379.  English and French, please call 618-641-608.  Reservations are not required, but it might be good to give them a heads up as seating is limited. Remember this is for Sunday the 3rd of April.

Beautiful Wisteria

Wisteria hanging over the entrance way to some flats on the beach

If only this was smell-o-vision...

Beautiful strawberries from Huelva

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