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It’s all starting to gear up for the up and coming San Juan festival on the 23rd of this month, the carny people have drawn their lines in the sand, and have  started erecting the rides and ticket booths that will be in action starting on the 21st, in behind Fuente Park.

For those of you not familiar with the San Juan festival,  the big party kicks off on the beach on the night of the 23rd with the lighting of the giant bonfire  for the summer solstice named in honor of  Saint John the Baptist  A religious gathering it is not though, as  each year thousands gather on the beach for drinks, music, fun and fireworks.  It is also the only night of the year that we are allowed a fire of our own or to sleep on the beach.

San Juan is about change, about night into day, about fire and water. Fire purifies and water revitalizes.   June 24th is the shortest night of the year, so bonfires are the theme.  According to tradition, if you jump over a bonfire 3 times on this night, you will be cleansed, purified, and your worries burned away.  Many people write down their worries onto a piece of paper and chuck it into the big fire.

Here are a couple of pics from years past, but you can also see more by clicking on the archives and looking for the June dates for the last 4 years.

We are talking big!

Fiesta de San Juan 2008 The cat, the rooster and the dancing lady.

Fiesta de San Juan 2009

San Juan 2010

San Juan 2011 The Griffin

Just to give you an idea of size, getting any closer than this was impossible due to the extreme heat.

While we are on the topic of water and fire, Friday of this week saw the Salobreña fire department visiting the elementary school here in town for some fun with water to beat the heat.

There were 8 pools in total set up for the kiddies.

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I took these two short videos of the fire in all its glory at the San Juan Fiesta


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The Bon Fire has been built and we are ready to go!

It all starts tonight at 11pm with the lighting of the fire down on the beach, fireworks follow at midnight.  The carnival is setup  and ready to go just behind the the park so no excuses to stay indoors tonight.  Bars and restaurants will all be open late into the wee hours of the morning as well.  Remember the stores are all closed tomorrow, so shop today.


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The Burning Cat and theDancing Lady and what's that rooster doing poking his head out. San Juan 2008

The big day is fast approaching, tomorrow June 23rd will see one of the biggest fiestas of the year.  It all takes place on the beach  so be sure to get down there early to enjoy all it has to  offer.

It’s all about fire and and water.  Fire purifies, and water recuperates.  The town will have it’s own enormous bonfire that burns several stories high, but you are also invited to have your own fire on the beach. Be sure to take advantage of this offer, because it is the only day of the year that we are allowed to do so.  Sleeping on the beach will also be permitted but again, only on this night.

The kiddy fair is also in town and has already set up on the new permanent fair ground located just created behind the Parque Infantil on the road to the beach.  This is a huge affair, lots of rides and games, just like the old days.

Don’t forget, the stores will be closed all day Friday.

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In case you are planning your vacation for some time in June, I would like to suggest, that you plan your holidays to be here in Salobrena for the 23rd of June.  This is the date of the annual Fiesta de San Juan. This is a magical night complete with live music and bonfires.  It is in fact the only night of the year when you can have a bonfire on the beach, and hundreds do.  The town hall  itself  builds a bonfire that blazes 5 stories high for all to enjoy on the beach.  It is an awesome night where thousands partake in the festivities.  Bars and Restaurants will be  heaving, and many will  stay open all night.  It is also the only night of the year that you can actually sleep on the beach.  To see some photos from last years celebrations, please refer to the pages in June 2007 located to the right of this post… there are many photos to view.  If you are planning a trip, try and be here then!

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Fire Dance

Can’t resist posting more pics from last night.

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Oh my dog we had fun last night.. I mean this morning.. (((ouch))). Last night’s fiesta de San Juan was just fantastic. I think our group crawled in about 530 this morning, but is was sooooooo worth it, except I have to work today..sniff. Anyway, before I shoot off to the salt mines this morning, I thought I would share with you some of the photos from last night…By golly you missed a good one!

These first 2 photos are the official fire starters making there way down to the beach along main road.

There were thousands on the beach last night for fireworks, live music, dancing, wish making and just all around fun. The tradition is, that you are supposed to make a wish, write it on a scrap of paper and throw it into the fire, and then take a dip in the ocean, which thousands did..

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As always, you can click on the pic to get the full size image. I love the fair, cuz it’s all shiny and loud, just like Vegas.

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As I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, this weekend is one of the busiest and best of the whole year.. There were 3 concerts- one rock, one jazz and one traditional Spanish music. A fair complete with rides and ring toss, and all the other carnival type games, a tapa festival, and a benefit concert for the local animal shelter, Monday is the big fire night! I ran around taking pictures tonight …some at the concert I went to, and others at the fair, which will go on until about 4am. Good luck sleeping at all tonight if you live down that end of town.. There was even a harvest moon tonight.. It seems the Gods have collided and brought us just the perfect weekend. Here are a couple of pics.

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Oh boy, the preparations are well under way for Monday’s San Juan Festival here in Salobreña.  The town  builds and supervises this huge bonfire which will be lit around midnight.. There will also be live music, fireworks and the entire town will be at the beach for this fantastic party.. I posted earlier that I got in at 5am last year, but I have been corrected, it was 730am.. ouch..

Tonight is the start of the tapa festival, and so most of the town will be going to the paseo de flores for the food and drink and a free jazz concert.  If ever you were planning to come to this area, the 21-24 of June is definitely one of the best times to come.. the weather is unbelievably good too.  As always, click to see the full size image.

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