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Today’s dining experience was at Tito Yayo on Playa de Cabria.  Playa de Cabria is about 15 minutes from Salobreña heading towards Almuñecar.  You have to travel down a dirt and gravel track to get here, but it is pretty much worth it. 

What we had:

3 beers each- 6 in total 1.80 each

1 starter of Puntillas which are deep fried baby squid. 8.95€

and as a main course we each had Spaghetti Carbonara. 6.95 each

1 roll each- .60 cents each

Total for our lunch was 34.85.

How was it.. neh.. it was okay.. there was way to much sauce on the spag, too much cream.  The puntillas were great, but you can’t mess these babies up. The setting is fantastic, as you are just a stones throw from the water..The service was very good, very attentive.  Would we go back..yes but I would stick with the seafood at the place..it really is their specialty.  The table next to us was doing fish, and they had such a fantastic prawn and crab platter that I had to take a photo.

They have both indoor and outdoor dining, a well stocked bar, and great views.  There are 3 restuarants on this tiny stretch of beach, and all of them seemed to be getting busy as we were leaving.

Here are some snaps.

What I wished I'd had

What I wish I had

The bar

The bar

Indoor dining area

Indoor dining area

Indoor dining

Indoor dining

outdoor dining area

outdoor dining

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