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The Burning Cat and theDancing Lady and what's that rooster doing poking his head out. San Juan 2008

The big day is fast approaching, tomorrow June 23rd will see one of the biggest fiestas of the year.  It all takes place on the beach  so be sure to get down there early to enjoy all it has to  offer.

It’s all about fire and and water.  Fire purifies, and water recuperates.  The town will have it’s own enormous bonfire that burns several stories high, but you are also invited to have your own fire on the beach. Be sure to take advantage of this offer, because it is the only day of the year that we are allowed to do so.  Sleeping on the beach will also be permitted but again, only on this night.

The kiddy fair is also in town and has already set up on the new permanent fair ground located just created behind the Parque Infantil on the road to the beach.  This is a huge affair, lots of rides and games, just like the old days.

Don’t forget, the stores will be closed all day Friday.

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