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So, on Sunday myself and two very close  friends and I went to La Herradura, just to get out of town for the afternoon.  After visiting the new bar La Bamba owned by Joe and Jackie formerly of Torre Nueva, they used to have a very successful bar there called Crazy Joe´s.  Anyway, they are now running La Bamba, and it is a bit of a going concern. Because the weather has been so good, they had 60 reservations for the Sunday Roast Lunch which has proven very popular with tourists and locals alike.. You should try and stop in. Prices are good, and the Hosts very friendly and accommodating.. more on them on another day.

Today’s restaurant review is another restaurant in La Herradura (just 25minutes from Salobrena) called El Chambao de Joaquin.. This place is famous for its BBQ and its giant Paellas, which they serve every Sunday.  The place is located right on the beach, and they also have plenty of indoor seating available.  I have included pics for you to enjoy, finished off with the sunset pictures of that same day. Enjoy

Restaurant El Chamboa de Joaquin

There are lots of cool shaded places to enjoy a drink and read the paper

Indoor shot

more of the inside

Mmm Paella pronounced pie eh a, not, pie ehla I impore you to recognize the difference.. for all our sakes

Beach front seating

Our cook hard at work,A drum wok cooker

multi tasking big time.

Octopi or Pulpo as it is called in Spanish

Pork and Peppers in a wok


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