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Hold on to your tortillas and pulpo everyone, our very own Town Hall has decided to make life that much more fun for the rest of us.  It has come down from the powers that be that parking in the old town is now no longer going to be an option unless you have a permit.  Permits are non transferrable and registered to a specific automobile.  Here it is in a nutshell.

* the permit is available to property owners only.
* the permit applies to a particular car registration number only.
* the permit is non transferable.
* the permit is free of charge
* penalties for parking without a permit are fines and or towing.

So basically, it means that just owning property in the old town does not entitle you to have a permit, you must be a resident here..as most of you are aware, a huge percentage of owners are not residents, but frequent visitors and rental owners. How will this impact the rental market I wonder?  As for those coming to the area, do not be discouraged, we are working on a solution.

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