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As I say, there wasn’t much to report today from sunny Salobreña, but I did manage to take a couple of photos out and about.. One of which was like catching a glimpse of a bird of paradise drinking from your back garden pool, startling  but yet quite a welcome surprise. It is of course a photo of our bus driver actually,  no wait for it.. SMILING!  Now I am not saying our bus driver isn’t a nice guy, he has a hard job, the streets are narrow, and the tourist and locals alike are always parking where they should not, making his life that much more difficult.  So to see him smile, without having run over a tourist wearing socks and sandals or just having removed a wing mirror inflicting a deep and punishing gouge in a rental car was something rare indeed.  To catch it on film, well was priceless as they say..

If you look closely, you can see just how narrow the street he is driving on really is.  Ladies and Gentlemen, you saw it here first! Look closely into the rear view mirror.


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