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Well I am still with Vélez as my topic, because to be honest it was just so enjoyable, I gotta spread the love!  So after we finished our 1.5 hour tour of the Nazarí Gardens, we enjoyed a coffee at the cafe there, we headed for the hills to enjoy a an absolutely stellar day, weather wise and view wise.

Our leader Frank decided we should follow the acequia (water canals) through the town and out the other side, it was a great idea.  Here are some of the photos that I took while walking.  This day trip from Salobreña is so easy, you must consider it!



Remember to always look up.

The acequia, seen at the bottom of the old wall, carries water throughout the town.

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin.

Innovative lamp shades along the acequia . Plain old metal buckets. Cute!

Chorisia Speciosa

Just around a corner

Local man greeting us with some kind words and some useful information.

Our new friend drinking right from the pool of corraled water.

Big old orange tree.

Big old olive tree, still producing, the Arabs thought of everything.

Almond blossoms, unmodified photo. Look at that colour!

This car actually came down that stone pathway.

Beautiful old terraced olive orchards.

We met later for a drink.

If the water doesn't come to you.

Fixer up'r

Giant Carob tree, the nuts are used for animal feed here.

The details aren't always important.

The calvary

Where we stopped for lunch


Close encounters of the goat kind

Ahhhh water.

And just as quickly, they were gone.

Heading back

Communal Laundry station. On your knees ladies.


Out the window, the drive back to Salobreña

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Taken just inside the entrance to the Nazarí Gardens

Massive Cypress trees in the Nazarí Gardens-see staircase for size comparison.

18th Century building being restored internally to match the era of the Nazri Garden

Okay so on Sunday the 30th we toddled off to Vélez de Benaudalla for a an incredibly interesting visit to the Nazari Gardens and then a 2hour walk through the countryside.  Both were hugely enjoyable, and I will be doing both again soon I hope.  Vélez de Benaudalla is just 20 minutes up the road from Salobreña, very easy to get to and lots of parking in town.

The Nazarí Gardens were built by the Arabs, centuries ago when the Moors ruled most of Spain.  There are in fact Moorish castles all over Spain, and  Al-Andalus was the name given to the area ruled by the Moors, today we know it as Andalucia.

In Vélez, the castle is quite different, it is a 7 sided building sitting high above the town for all to see.

Vélez Castle top centre, Church far left. Photo obtained from Vélez town hall's website. http://www.velezdebenaudalla.org

To the left of  the church  and just out of view, you will find the Nazarí Gardens located on the edge of town, cliffside.

Amazingly, you could walk right by them and not realize they were there.   You enter through a door, of what looks like a house and immediately you are in the area shown in the first photo shown above.  The Al-Andalus gardens are typically made up of 5 areas in order to provide man with the five  essentials of life. Those 5 essentials are

The Spiritual :  The  Muslims believed that they were mirroring heaven here on earth in praise of Allah with the building of these gardens.

The Aesthetic :  To design a  place that stimulates us and inspires us to create, a place that demands us to be more artistic, to make music, write poetry etc.

The Psychological: The garden should invite us to observe, contemplate, rest, relax and enjoy.

The Botanical and Scientific: A place for research, a place for experimenting.  Much study was done with new plants from around the globe to ensure a healthy and well fed people.

The Nutritional:  Condiments, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees were grown to feed the inhabitants.

I have included a small video that was made to show how the gardens look today and what the plan is for the future. The Vélez town hall has spent around 2million euros to bring the gardens back to life.

And now, more photos taken this past Sunday.

Entering the grounds

Part of the vegetable garden with fruit trees.

Aromatic Garden- Lavander, Allysium, Rosemary are just a few examples of the plants grown here.

Small treacherous staircase that leads to the level where some of the cave entrances are.

Cave entrance

Small reflective pool inside one of the caves

Another old cave entrance

Going in.

Cave ceiling.

Big old tree

Water naturally flowed thru this area, the Arabs built channels to control the flow and bring it to other parts of the garden.

Beautiful little waterfall

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Oh boy, more great photos arrived into the mail bag again for us. These photos were submitted by Chris Sewell and his wife who have in fact submitted photos before. The shots here show some scenes from a very pretty little town just north of us called Velez de Benaudalla. It too has a castle, but it also has an ancient Nazari Garden that was built by the moors. To see more photos of Benaudalla and get a bit more info, please see this link. http://www.costatropicalinternet.com/granada/velez-de-benaudalla.html

If you are in the area, and looking for something fun to do tonight, you can head on down to El Padrinos in Salobrena on the beach for a Halloween Karaoke night!

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