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This isn’t really my garden, but I think of it as MY garden, because it is a place I love to work on. I live in the town, and we basically have no outside space, so when I get the urge to garden, which is often, I take myself to Villa Renna and tend to my flowers and herbs. Here are a couple of photos of what is going on in the garden at the moment.

Thats Agapanthus above and my flowering sage below..if you click the pics, you will get a larger view of these two little beauties.

The name agapanthus is derived from the Greek ‘agape’, meaning love, and ‘anthos’, flower. The plants are native to South Africa and were brought back to Europe in the seventeenth century by the first European settlers when they stopped in the cape to replenish their supplies. Agapanthus africanus was first introduced to Europe in 1679. Its origins in the cooler temperatures of the Western Cape, made it an ideal candidate for exporting.

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One of the houses I am fortunate enough to look after, is a lovely house called Villa Renna. I thought I would share some more photos from it’s garden, as everything is in bloom at the moment and it all looks great. They are in order of appearance, the Bottle Brush plant, Bird of Paradise, Grapefruit blossom, Banana blossom, and the Rose


Bird of Paradise

Grapefruit Blossom

Banana blossom

Pink Rose

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