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Okay so I am very happy, I received an email from a Jenny Speers who attended the Fiesta del Carmen in La Caleta, and she was kind enough to send along her great photos for all of us to enjoy!  Thanks again Jenny!


Look at the crowds!

Making her way to the water

Almost there

She be sailing

Lots of fireworks, in the background you can see the smoke.

On her way for a trip around the bay.

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Well, ask and ye shall receive… it’s true.  In the mail this morning was this fantastic shot of the Virgin Carmen being carried to the waters edge for her voyage by boat around the bay.  I am still looking for more photos if anyone has any so do send anything you have.  This photo was taken by Norm, who is a long time resident in the area.  I thank you Norm it really is a great shot!

Carmen being carried to the waters edge.

Carmen being carried to the waters edge.

For those unaware, the Virgin Carmen is the patron saint of seafarers everywhere, and her blessing is bestowed on all who sail the seas.

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