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Brrr but it is a chilly spring that we are experiencing.  Day after day of clouds and cold weather, the good news though, is that the skies have finally opened up and it is raining, that means clear blue skies are on the way.

Shops are closed tomorrow, May Day so shop til ya drop today if you need to.

One of last years entrants

One of last years entrants

The Cruces de Mayo competition is about to start as well.  There are 12 crosses competing this year for a total of 590 euros in prize money.  There are two categories, Crosses in open spaces, and Crosses in closed spaces.  Prize for best outdoor space is 290.00 euros and 240.00 euros for the best indoor cross.  I will attempt to see all of them over the next few days and take photos.

For those eager to see them all, you can can obtain a cruces passport and if you manage to see 10 of the 12 your name will go into a draw for 1 of 4 prizes.  Those prizes are.  Passports may be obtained at any of the cross locations, as well as the Tourist Office and the Casa de Cultura.

1st prize Dinner for Two at Restaurant La Traviesa

2nd prize  Lunch for Two at the Escuela de Hosteleria

3rd prize 1 bucket of beer plus a rosca sandwich from Tasca de Galera

4th prize 1 bottle of Rum Pálido plus mix from Sunem Playa.

A list of locations to see the crosses is shown directly below.

Click to access cruces_inscritas_2013.pdf

Now for some shots of our very cloudy skies.

I'm talking cloudy

I’m talking cloudy



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In need of paint despite the suns golden rays.

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We all know how beautiful the weather here in Salobrena is year round, even when it’s cold it isn’t really  cold or grey.  I bought this plant in February at the car boot sale and stuck it in my window where it has done brilliantly.  Here is the
February photo and yesterdays photo for comparison.  Salobreña has a micro climate all it’s own. If it says rain in Almuñecar, or Nerja or Malaga, the weather here will probably be sunny and warm.  Almuñecar had a terrific storm in September 2007, whole streets were submerged, and cars washed away, we had blue skies.  Go figure.

Feb 2010


Oct 2010

Oct 2010

Does anyone know what these are called? Please leave a comment with the name if you do please. Thanks!

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