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Let sleeplessness begin, for next 24hours the party will be in full swing.  The fair is up and running, so if you are anywhere on the south side of the old town you can kiss a good nights  sleep goodbye. Last night the “Do you want to go faster” announcements went on until 02:30am accompanied by all the usual carnival hoopla.   The disco pumped it up until the wee hours as well, I know because I heard everyone going home…I finally just got up and decided to compose this last reminder of tonight’s activities, it’s 5:30 in the morning.

There is a lot going on this weekend.  Tonight is the big gathering on the beach for the giant bonfire, with live music and fireworks.   The band is an American jazz band by the name of  Rio Americano so make sure you are down there no later than about 9pm.   Fireworks go off at Midnight, and then it’s party on until dawn.  The bonfire and the band are both located in front of  Urbanization Salobreña Beach II.

Be sure to make a day of it, there will be tons of activities going on all day.  At 12pm at the beach by the Peñon, there will be a beach party with lots of activities for the whole family.  They are going to have one of those giant foam producing machines for the kids as well as lots of water activities.  Small wading pools will also be erected for the wee ones.

Tomorrow the 24th  is the 13th annual Tapas Festival which is being held in the Paseo de Flores starting at 12pm. Make sure you stop by to sample some of the delicious tapas on offer with the purchase of a cold drink.

There is tons more going on, so for a complete list of activities  please see this pdf file  sanjuan .  It is in Spanish, but very easy to get the gist of even  if you are not completely fluent.  This document was prepared by the wonderful people at the Tourist Office here in town.


Enjoy the weekend everyone!





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I took these two short videos of the fire in all its glory at the San Juan Fiesta


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What a night!

The fires have all been doused, the music has finally stopped, and a few  stragglers can still be seen heading home to their beds at 0730 this morning.  There were thousands  on the beach last night enjoying a really warm night made even warmer by all of the fires a raging on the beach.  You didn’t need to be 19 years old to enjoy yourself, but oh to have been 19 years old last night.

Club music raged on and people danced on the beach and in the street, I have to say, the dj certainly did a better job with the music this year.  In the past it has been throbbing techno head banging beats, but this year it was all about the dancing.  Great job guys.

Here we go.

These colourful lights were strung up throughout the town to give it a really festive atmosphere

Don't get too close to that fire Sponge Bob.

The sidewalks were jammed with street vendors selling anything and everything.

This was early in the evening, before the streets were packed with people.

Sardines roasting on an open fire. The restaurants were heaving as well.

Doing what boys do.

Some of the beautiful people.

Getting down with Rhianna's SMS, nuff said.

I want to be 20 again.


I don't remember doing this kind of thing when I was their age.. what was I doing?

Some of the smaller fires

Midnight swim

Pretty señoritas.

Look mom I really was only drinking water

I watched this girl trying to resist moving back from the heat, she did not last long.

Lighting the big fire. Two fireman accompanied the lighting of the fire, one adding fuel the other guiding our chosen firestarter.

Notice how close we all are, this changed quickly.

Throwing folded pieces of paper with your worries and concerns into the fire is tradition.

Getting going.

And we have started moving back.

Nobody is going to be jumping over this fire.

Just stand there, and let the ghost of my heart love you again.

Fully engulfed.

In the glow of the fire

Standing way back.

Dancing in the dark

Burning down the house.

It's a family affair

It's always great running into friends.

More of the beautiful people.

Mmmm kebabs at the fair.

Garden gnomes are creepy enough without sticking their heads on kiddy cars. Just sayin.

Flyin ponies

No takers, yet. The object of this ride is to make you crack heads with the guy next to you as you fly through the air.

I'd like to see this one at Disney. Can you say lawsuit. Object here is do deny centrifugal force and stay in the middle hanging on for dear life.

The nice older sister fearing for her life me thinks.

Not that different from driving in town.

Who doesn't love a bouncy castle.

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The Burning Cat and theDancing Lady and what's that rooster doing poking his head out. San Juan 2008

The big day is fast approaching, tomorrow June 23rd will see one of the biggest fiestas of the year.  It all takes place on the beach  so be sure to get down there early to enjoy all it has to  offer.

It’s all about fire and and water.  Fire purifies, and water recuperates.  The town will have it’s own enormous bonfire that burns several stories high, but you are also invited to have your own fire on the beach. Be sure to take advantage of this offer, because it is the only day of the year that we are allowed to do so.  Sleeping on the beach will also be permitted but again, only on this night.

The kiddy fair is also in town and has already set up on the new permanent fair ground located just created behind the Parque Infantil on the road to the beach.  This is a huge affair, lots of rides and games, just like the old days.

Don’t forget, the stores will be closed all day Friday.

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Hello everyone.. the day we have all been waiting for is finally here.. Tonight at 11pm, the fire will be lit, and the part will begin.  Make sure you head down to the beach around 830 or earlier if you are going to dinner perhaps.  Don’t forget, if you feel like having a fire of your own on the beach tonight, You Can!

Check back tomorrow for photos from tonight’s festivities


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Well we got there early, so there was plenty of walking around room, that did change fairly quickly though.. what started out slow built nicely into a very enjoyable afternoon on the Paseo de Flores drinking beer and trying the many different tapas.

From sausages to paella, you could have had it all.  Excellent tapas, great weather, and excellent company, what else do you need.  Now just remember, today is day of the child over at the fair grounds, as per normal, the bulk of the action will take place in the evening.

Tomorrow is the Fiesta de San Juan, so don’t forget, grab your bathing suit and get down to the beach.. Tomorrow it all starts around 11pm.  If you are here, try not to miss this day as it is the most fun fiesta we have have.

Even Radio Salobrena was here transmitting live from the festival.

Even Radio Salobrena was here transmitting live from the festival.

One of the many neighborhood volunteers, this is Diana on the right selling tickets to the live giving nectar of the gods.. beer of course

One of the many neighborhood volunteers, this is Diana on the right selling tickets to the live giving nectar of the gods.. beer of course

Mmmm..paella, beer and tinto de verano.

Mmmm..paella, beer and tinto de verano.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

What a day for a beer and tapas

What a day for a beer and tapas

In da shade

In da shade

The owner of the pension San Juan was there lending a hand as well.

The owner of the pension San Juan was there lending a hand as well.

All some people seem to do is work.

All some people seem to do is work.

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In case you are planning your vacation for some time in June, I would like to suggest, that you plan your holidays to be here in Salobrena for the 23rd of June.  This is the date of the annual Fiesta de San Juan. This is a magical night complete with live music and bonfires.  It is in fact the only night of the year when you can have a bonfire on the beach, and hundreds do.  The town hall  itself  builds a bonfire that blazes 5 stories high for all to enjoy on the beach.  It is an awesome night where thousands partake in the festivities.  Bars and Restaurants will be  heaving, and many will  stay open all night.  It is also the only night of the year that you can actually sleep on the beach.  To see some photos from last years celebrations, please refer to the pages in June 2007 located to the right of this post… there are many photos to view.  If you are planning a trip, try and be here then!

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