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Just a couple of photos I took up in the old town yesterday of the flowering Bougainvillea, so vibrant!  The pale purple is a flowering Jacaranda tree which are in bloom all over town.

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Today I am posting a mixed bag of photos from around the town so please enjoy.  If there is anything specific you would like to see, why not leave a comment and tell me, I will do my best to accommodate any requests.

In town

Top of Calle Rosa

Roof tops

Calle Manuel Montilla

The fog rolls in

Roof top garden

Painted Gourds

Lovely iron work on Calle Antequera

Red Dragon

Almost ready.

Road to La Guardia

Boat storage

Top of Calle Antequera, getting ready for San Juan on 23rd

Traffic jam

Animal shelter from the punishing Spanish sun.

Old farmhouse wall up the cemetery road.


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As I say, there wasn’t much to report today from sunny Salobreña, but I did manage to take a couple of photos out and about.. One of which was like catching a glimpse of a bird of paradise drinking from your back garden pool, startling  but yet quite a welcome surprise. It is of course a photo of our bus driver actually,  no wait for it.. SMILING!  Now I am not saying our bus driver isn’t a nice guy, he has a hard job, the streets are narrow, and the tourist and locals alike are always parking where they should not, making his life that much more difficult.  So to see him smile, without having run over a tourist wearing socks and sandals or just having removed a wing mirror inflicting a deep and punishing gouge in a rental car was something rare indeed.  To catch it on film, well was priceless as they say..

If you look closely, you can see just how narrow the street he is driving on really is.  Ladies and Gentlemen, you saw it here first! Look closely into the rear view mirror.


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Great news, Heloise has advised in a comment on one of posts that the parking issue has been put on the back burners..here is her comment for those interested.

We have just heard that the council have put this made scheme on the back burner for the moment as the Association of Neighbours in the old town have suddenly cottoned on to what this could mean to them.  There will be a discussion period and the council hopes to implement new restrictions in June.  This doesn’t mean you should ignore signing the parking petition … you can find the link on this page.

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Hold on to your tortillas and pulpo everyone, our very own Town Hall has decided to make life that much more fun for the rest of us.  It has come down from the powers that be that parking in the old town is now no longer going to be an option unless you have a permit.  Permits are non transferrable and registered to a specific automobile.  Here it is in a nutshell.

* the permit is available to property owners only.
* the permit applies to a particular car registration number only.
* the permit is non transferable.
* the permit is free of charge
* penalties for parking without a permit are fines and or towing.

So basically, it means that just owning property in the old town does not entitle you to have a permit, you must be a resident here..as most of you are aware, a huge percentage of owners are not residents, but frequent visitors and rental owners. How will this impact the rental market I wonder?  As for those coming to the area, do not be discouraged, we are working on a solution.

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Signage, just about anything goes here… As it should be.. why pay for a new sign when you can just turn the old one upside down. 🙂

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Just another one of the little hidden gems to be found in Salobreña.  This flowered pathway serves as an entry point to 3 or 4 houses.  Back in 2005, it won first prize in a beautify your facáde competion.

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